Pentecost Songs: What would you pick?

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI was looking for a music video to post for Pentecost. Found lots of songs about the Holy Spirit, but none of them spoke to my personal tastes. So what do YOU think would make a good Pentecost song? Leave your suggestions and links in the comments.


Step by Step – Whitney Houston

This isn’t much specific to do with Advent, Christmas, or faith but I feel it goes with today’s reflection because it inspires me to get the simple things lined up.

Those Crazy Christians

Earlier this week we reflected on how the world sees Christians as Just. Plain. Crazy. A few years back, Brad Paisley wrote a song about exactly that. It’s an interesting take on what we may look like to those outside the faith, will all our faith and flaws bundled together. Hope you enjoy this video put to his music by the United Church of Ovid. Peace!


The Cross

My brother John Schultz recorded a cover of “The Cross” by Prince.

I love this version and hope you do too.

Tikkun Olam

Well this is a little different than most videos I post, but I enjoyed seeing this American take on the Israeli version of Sesame Street. Part of repairing the world is opening ourselves to new experiences, and this was different yet familiar. And the message is timeless. I hope you enjoy also!

Prepare Ye!

Speaking of preparation, here’s a flashback that always makes me feel joyous.