Devotionals by Scripture

Looking for a devotional or reflection by passage rather than by date?

This page is intended to help you find posts related to specific passages of scripture. Any given post is referenced only if it relates to the passage, not just because the passage was part of the daily readings. I’ll update the page daily as blogs are posted, as well as backfill references previous blogs. I hope you find this a helpful resource!

Book Chap/Verse Post(s)
Genesis 1:1-2:3 Telescope or Kaleidoscope?
 3:1-24  Naked and Unashamed
 4:1-16  Blame Game
 11:1-9  Babel to Pentecost
Gathering the Sparks
 12:9-13:1  Sleeping with the Enemy
 14:1-24  Cast and Crew
 16:1-14  Test Everything
 16:15-17:14  Body of Work
 19:1-23  Strangers and Angels
 21:1-21  Hagar and the Horrible
 22:1-18  God Will Provide The Lamb
 41:14-45  The Great Author
 48:8-22  Expectation Management
Luke 19:11-27 Failure is Not an Option
2 Corinthians 11:1-21a The Sarcasm Chasm