500! Thank you!


Today marks the 500th daily devotional post on Comfort and Challenge. Whether you’ve followed from the beginning, or this is your first visit, thank you for reading. Without the kind support and commentary from readers, I probably wouldn’t have made it to 100.

We’re a little over two-thirds of the way through this two-year project, which wraps on December 2nd. Already I’m thinking about what happens to the blog after that date. The current format will have served its purpose.

Should it become more personal? For the most part I’ve intentionally kept my personal life at arm’s length from the daily posts, because I want the material to be accessible to as many people as possible. On the other hand, there are readers who prefer a personal connection with the blogger.

How often should I post? Some bloggers post whatever comes to mind a few times a day, while others can go days between postings. What is the balance between “I want more” and “that’s too much?”

What about re-blogging? I haven’t been re-blogging other writers specifically because of the nature of the project (which may turn out to be more about me than the readers). Yet there are lots of other writers I think you all would appreciate.

And maybe most importantly, what should I write about? Preparing a 350-word devotional every day on passages which may or may not speak to me that day is hard (but fulfilling) work. I’d like to explore other styles (I have a sense of humor that doesn’t really get trotted out on here) and other topics (such as current events and social justice issues), but I want the tone to remain respectful and inclusive.

What do you think? I really am interested.

And finally, thanks again to my father. Dad, you are my strongest supporter and best critic. Love you.

5 thoughts on “500! Thank you!

  1. Congratulations on your 500th! I appreciate all of your time and work– your blog has been a gift to me (and I suspect many others).
    I always look for you– you are on my daily “must” list. That said, I know that it takes much more than time to write every day. So while I don’t think there can be too many blogs, I’d personally go through withdrawal if you wrote less than 3-4 a week.
    I love the heart of you and do love your humor. I don’t think that sharing more facets of who you are could make you less inclusive.
    I personally prefer your writing instead of re-blogging, but if something strikes you, I think you should share. I just know that I wouldn’t be as interested in a lot of re-blogging.
    Write your heart, jjs. Social justice, current events… in the end, your heart is what ties it all together anyway. You translate the things that I need to think about and sometimes don’t.

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