The Real War on Christmas Began December 26th

Because Comfort + Challenge is a devotional effort, not an editorial one, I try to keep the content as inclusive as possible. I’ve started a second blog called The Other Hand for more personal, longer format, possibly controversial content. I don’t suspect it will be for everyone who subscribes to C+C. If you’d like to check it out, my first real post is below.

The Other Hand

Yesterday, December 26th, I went out into the
world to take advantage of some sales on discounted wrapping paper. Yeah the
crowds suck, but the quality stuff is expensive so I’m not paying full price. In
every store, Christmas was already being dismantled and put on clearance in
favor of the next retail season (presumably Valentine’s Day but who can keep up
with all the holidays churned out by greeting card companies?).

You know what I didn’t see, or hear on the news? Anybody
protesting the War on Christmas.

“But wait!” you may object, “That’s because Christmas is

Ah, not so. The Twelve Days of Christmas is not just a song
about epically impractical gifts. The Christmas season – or Christmastide – as defined
on the church calendar starts on
December 25th (you can slide into the evening of the 24th)
and ends with…

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